Transmission Noise and Reverse Idler(?)

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25 Dec 2004 23:43 #2624 by Patrick E. Hart
Patrick E. Hart created the topic: Transmission Noise and Reverse Idler(?)
The transmission on my 810 was restored by Wayne Weihermiller some years ago. I have just gotten the car into driving shape and have only put a few miles on the car.
When WW and I first turned over the transmission, it was quiet, and then it soon developed a whine. WW said "don't worry about it, they all make noise, could this be true?
When in neutral or in gear, the tranny whines alot. The noise appears to come from the small, single gear on the passenger side on the front of the transmission. This is the only original gear in the transmission.
Could this gear (I think that it?s the reverse idler) be the source of the noise?
Does the gear have bearings?
Could the noise come from the meshing of the old gear and the new one?
Should the noise be forgotten or it is sound of impending doom?
Lastly can the gear be replaced by removing the front shift assembly? Are new gears available if needed?
Any thoughts on how to resolve the noise?

Thanks in advance for the help, Pat Hart

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26 Dec 2004 20:23 #2626 by
replied the topic:
Hi Pat,

It's hard to diagnose a noise over the internet. I've had some noises that didn't bother me and scared the hell out of more experience people when they heard it and the other way around.

The Cord transmission does whine in first gear, especially when decelerating. This is due to the type of gears used for first and reverse. You will hear some gear noise in the transmission in neutral, but it shouldn't be loud. Probably the best place to start is to get a Cord owner that has some experience with Cords and drives them to go for a ride with you.

To answer your questions:
It's very possible it's coming from the reverse idler gear (small gear on the side).
This gear runs on a bronze bushing.
It's possible the gear isn't meshing properly causing the noise, but if that was the case I would think the noise should have started the first time you turned over the trans.
As far as forgetting it or impending doom - without hearing the noise that's hard to say. I would tend to doubt that your transmission will explode, but you may do some damage, depending on the problem.
Yes the gear can be replace by removing the top cover and the cross shift assembly, then removing the shaft the gear is on, being carefull not to drop the gear into the trans. Yes new gears are available (at least the last time I needed one from the Cord suppliers (Stan Gilliland or Jim Howell).

Other thoughts - If you are concerned about the noise (which it seems you are) it's worth a few hours to check it out (get another opinion first). I'd start by removing the trans. cover and looking at the gear. Is it worn? pitted? a tooth chipped? Does it wobble on the shaft? Is there excessive clearance between the mating gears?

Pull the cross shift and the gear. Is there any lubrication around the bushing? If the trans was sitting for some time after it was rebuilt and you don't have many miles on it the bushing may be dry. Is the shaft in good shape or is it worn? How's the fit between the shaft and the gear?

If everything looks good (or if you find something and correct it) put the car back together enough to take it around the block and see it the noise is still there.

Once you get it fixed or forgotten about, drive the car and enjoy it.

Let us know what you find. The more info we share the better.

Jim O'Brien

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