Real gold or fool's gold?

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It's not too difficult to remove fog king that is on the shell. You do not grind the name off. Hold the shell in a vice via the mounting bolt with a nut on the bolt held firmly in the vice. They use a fine tooth metal file and followint the contour of the shell, file off the name. Then with a rubber sanding block with 80 grit, then 220, then, 400, then 600 grit sand paper the area you filed should be pretty smoth. Natually the shell will need to be plated and the chrome platter should be able to finish buffing that area before he replates. Make sure you drill the 2 holes for the Cord fog king tag before it goes to the chrome plater. In the past I have done many of these and it's a little tedious but not overly difficult. It's a lot easier if you have the chrome platter strip the chrome off the shell and give it back to you to file the shell. Much easier with the chrome stripped off first.
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I left California four years ago, San Jose to be exact, but things aren't much different here. Still have to send out of state for plating. Kinda hard to create a working relationship long distance. And my mother-in-law lived most her adult life in the central valley and died of Parkinson's ....which has been tied to pesticides...which you may know are sprayed from planes and go everywhere. to make matters worse Cord people are very few and far apart so there's no one to "play with" here

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