13 Feb 2019 18:20 #36632 by Cordura
NEW ARRIVAL CORD 812 was created by Cordura
Good morning CORDURA (Peter Morgan) here for the first time on the ACD Forum - I hope I don't let the factory smoke out of this borrowed computer. I am cronologically challenged and not computer literate, nor do I have a teenager in the house, so if you would like to communicate with me please call on the telephone (its the thing that used to hang on the wall in the kitchen and had a rotary dial). My number is 406 842 7655. I have about 20 years experience with these wonderful cars and drive mine (32114S, Clay Rust) all over the western USA on a fairly regular basis, often at speeds in excess of 80 MPH (the speed limit on Montana interstates. I do all my own work - rebuilding engines, gearboxes, upgrading oil pumps for more flow and better pressure, engine oil filter installation and more. Please contact me (by phone) if you have questions or problems that are driving you mad. Advise gladly given unencumbered by fact. Have a great day.

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