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02 Oct 2004 03:05 #2305 by moodier
moodier replied the topic:
Thanks for shedding some more light on the topic here!Sounds like this one is one of the 67s,V6 etc.So none of them are actually very true to the real Cords except in there use of the coffin nose etc.Suppose you have to look at the difference in price from the original ones though.What was the wheelbase of the real Cords?I assume was bigger than these replicars.GLenn Prey also built those Auburn Boatails too.I always thought they were supposedly pretty correct?Sounds like these Cords are not that!Wish the Auburns weren't so expensive theyare really neat looking with the top down!Classical Gas in Co.has this one advertise but think they are a little steep on price at 16K from the looks of some of these on the internet etc.Thanks much for the info rally nice to have someone to go to for help in these situations as have been burned to often buying things don't know enough about!Bob

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01 Jan 2005 03:26 #2650 by jjpilot
jjpilot replied the topic: 8/10 Cord
you are correct that 92 production Pray-Mckinley Cords were produced.

They were produced by the Cord Automobile Company. The rights to the company and many parts of the ACD were purchased by Pray. As such the ID plate does indeed say Cord.

The 8/10 was re-proportioned with the help of Gordon Buehrig, and the first production car was given to him.

I am the owner of that car, serial #1, which was purchased by my granddad in Auburn in '72.

If any of you knew Fred Bauer, please let me know.

Jeff Bauer

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