Looking for info on Cords 810/012 - sedan models.

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02 Sep 2004 18:18 #2159 by Agrafka
Agrafka created the topic: Looking for info on Cords 810/012 - sedan models.
Hello to all!

This might sound odd for a Cord fan, but I'm just a beginner. Can anyone tell me how to distinguish a Beverly from Westchester or Berline (because I still can't tell one model from another and thus I have some untitled Cord pictures in my collection).

Agrafka :)

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03 Sep 2004 07:29 #2160 by RayCord
RayCord replied the topic: Difference Between Cords
I'm a beginner as well. As far as I know - The Westchester was the first model released in 1936, and is true to the original design by Gordon Buehrig. The Cord was offered in four body styles: the Westchester sedan (fastback), the 37 Beverly sedan (with an extended trunk), the Cabriolet or convertible coupe, and the Phaeton or convertible sedan. Auburn augmented the Cord in '37 with a supercharger that added 45 HP more to the engine. A limited number of Berlines were also manufactured. The Berline had longer wheelbase and was basically the "limo" version of the Cord, with a glass division between the driver & passengers and had a unique dash at the back.
Josh and Bill have lots of information available on their websites:
http://www.automaven.com , http://www.cordhaven.com

Cords in South Africa - visit my website: www.cordinsa.visible.co.za

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14 Sep 2004 14:18 #2209 by Auburn/Cord Parts
Auburn/Cord Parts replied the topic: Sedan model info.

Early Westchesters and Beverlys carried the same body number prefix C90 but the Westchester serial number ended with "A" and the Beverly with "S". The early 1936 Beverly was the arm chair seat, 4 passenger type with pleated upholstery where as the Westchester trim was unpleated and seated 5. These are hard to tell in an outside view. Later the Beverly used body number prefix C96 and had a smoothed in bustle trunk and pleated upholstery with pull down arm rests. Starting in 1937, the Custom Beverly number C105 and Berline number C103 were added. These bodies appear similar to the regular Beverly except that the wheelbase was stretched from 125" to 132". The Berline has a division window with or without a rear dash or vanity panel. The extra length is approx. 2" in the cowl between the hood line and door line and 5 more inches in the length of the rear doors.


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18 Sep 2004 16:16 #2238 by moislers
moislers replied the topic:
I've been trying to sort this out myself. Let me add to your post, RayCord, because the sources I have found in my research portray it as being either more complicated or maybe just more confusing.

I've found two sources on this question: Balderson "Official Price Guide to Collector Cars" (8th ed., 1996), and Kimes & Clark "Standard Catalogue of American Cars 1805-1942" (2nd ed., 1989).

Balderson lists the following for 1937 Cord:
Beverly 812 Coupe w/V8 cyl.
Sportsman 812 Convert/Coupe w/V8 cyl.
812 Convert/Coupe w/V8 SC
Beverly 812 Sedan w/ V8 SC
Custom Berline w/8 cyl.

Kimes & Clark lists the following for 1937:
* Model 812, 8-cyl., 125? wb: Phae, Sportsman, West Sed, Bev Sed.
* Model 812, 8-cyl., 132? wb: Custom Bev, Custom Berline.

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