Startix engaging the starter, while the engine is running.

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Not a problem Michael. I posted the note because many Cord owners beleive the car will shift if the key is turned to the left. I spent many hours in my "early Cord years" trying to figure out why my car wouldn't shift when several people had told me it should. I didn't want Aris (or anyone else) chasing their tales like I did. There is enough on a Cord to keep one busy without chasing problem that don't exist.

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20 Jul 2004 11:11 #1975 by Aris Loumidis
Aris Loumidis replied the topic:
Thank you all for your kind input!

Here is what I managed to find out following some work on the car, your advice, and a lot of reading through the Tech notes I have saved, especially one from our 1987 No 4 Newsletter, where a very detailed Technical Service Data for the Startix, by the Eclipse Machine Company was published. .

For my symptoms, either with engine running at low, or any other speed, the problem as you pointed out, is in the generator output, or in the grounding of the Startix. It certainly is not in the battery, which is a new Optima, fully charged.

So far, I have grounded the Startix as best I could, and next chance I have, I plan to take out again the generator and find someone who can work on it?s output at low RPM, based on the settings from the Data Sheet. More testing to follow here, along with trying to adjust the Startix?s jamb screw.

Nevertheless, the solution to run the engine for awhile in the Left position of the Ignition Switch sounds great, however it turns out that I unfortunately cannot do it, as I discovered that I don?t have the original switch (the one with the armoured wire coming out of it, as I have seen it pictured in my diagrams. With my non-original switch, even though it has three terminals and two positions, (one left and one right from centre), if I put the ignition in the left position, the engine shuts off. I think my wiring is correct and as per the diagram in the Data Sheet, so I am not sure I should jump-wire the terminals to make the engine run in both positions; to me the Startix would not be bypassed in this case and I don?t know if I might do more damage than good. . Alternatively, If the original switch does the trick, I should get one, which is a question for Stan, if I could I find a usable one.

Again, thank you all !

Aris Loumidis
Athens, Greece
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1936 CORD 810 Phaeton

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