Clutch pedal return springs

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10 Apr 2004 17:49 #1566 by Gary Morgan
Gary Morgan created the topic: Clutch pedal return springs
Hey guys- I need a hand
I have been working on and off on what I thought was a big problem but now appears to be simple. I purchased an original intact and complete beverly that had a clutch pedal return problem from onset. I have been right through the car and find that the clutch operates quite normally and the clutch springs are operating properly right up to the point where the linkage joins with the brake assembly (bracket that holds master cylinder, and both petal pivots near the firewall) On my car, the clutch pedal return spring stretches from hole on the pivot arm that moves with the linkage back to a hole in the side of the bracket that holds the master cylinder. After the clutch springs are released (engaged clutch) the pivot is slightly forward of TDC and the spring seems to be trying to pull the pivot "over the top" and fails to do so- if I help it about 1/2 an inch- it works.

I have gone right through all the needle bearings and floor guides and can operate both halves of the system with a wrench on the outside frame side of the pivot point- the hangup is right at the transition from clutch spring to the pedal return spring.

I suspect that someone in the past has messed with the system and/or the spring placement- I have no reference car to look at and I am restoring the car from reference photos that I took when I dismantled it. I did not take enough pictures of linkages and assumed springs would be logical.

Can anyone send me a photo or a diagram from the underside of the spring set-up? As usual, it will probably be a simple 'head slap' moment and obvious to all of you but it has me stumped and help would be appreciated.

Gary Morgan
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13 Apr 2004 18:46 #1572 by Auburn/Cord Parts
Auburn/Cord Parts replied the topic: Clutch Pedal Return Springs

The factory return springs on the clutch and brake pivots didn't work all that well. Most Cords have had a long spring adapted (like on a screen door) from the pivot arms to brackets off the frame bolts towards the cowl. It's very important that both pedals return to their full height.


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14 Apr 2004 20:54 #1581 by Gary Morgan
Gary Morgan replied the topic: Cord clutch spring fix
Thx Stan :

Well I did say it would be a oh s---t! type solution.

-I was trying to stay authentic but that's a bit of a mugs game if the original didn't work.

Anyways I followed your suggestion- used a short tight spring and a small turnbuckle for fine tuning- fastened it to rear bolt on motor mount bracket/frame connection with a bit of a bracket. works good- might give a bit of obstruction if adding brake fluid but I dont think it will be a major issue as the car has its own hoist and I can get it from underneath.

I appreciate the help.

Garry Morgan

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