Request for Help With Project Car Identification

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22 Aug 2003 04:46 #701 by Rob Phillips
Rob Phillips created the topic: Request for Help With Project Car Identification
I am considering purchasing a 1937 812 convertible that can be seen at . The identification plate looks like a repro and has the following serial number: 2431H. The body plate looks original, with the number C91672. Can anyone help me to identify what this car's original configuration would have been? Is there another location on the body to confirm the serial number in question?
Thank you for your help.
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22 Aug 2003 18:19 #705 by Auburn/Cord Parts
Auburn/Cord Parts replied the topic: RE: Project Car ID

This looks like a new serial number plate. It's too neat and not stamped like the factory. The body plate is original.

This car was owned in 1983 by Russ Jackson in AZ, part owner of the Barrett/Jackson Auction. Prior to that it had been owned by LT.C. Dwight French in Enterprise, Alabama. He was in the U.S. Army.

This Cord was built as a nonsupercharged, no outside exhaust phaeton. It was built near the end of 1937 production. This is the 572nd phaeton body built out of a total of 600. The frame number would help confirm the above information if it is still the original frame. The number is made up of 3 or 4 digits, 1/2" tall, located between the two large rivets just behind the shock absorber. They are very lightly stamped and of the old style characters. A parts car will likely be needed to complete this phaeton!


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