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1928 Auburn brakes

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31 Jul 2003 22:12 #579 by buickimc
1928 Auburn brakes was created by buickimc
Hello out there,

I just overhauled the complete braking system for my 1928 Auburn 76 Sedan,

Redid all linings, cylinders etc, remanufactured the barrel for the master cylinder in the brake-box- and replaced kits, my problem is now I can not get any brake pedal pressure, all that happens when I bleed the system is a small trickle of fluid at the front and a drip of fluid at the rear wheels! Also master cylinder is leaking! (Could be I have overfilled the reservoir?)

Or did I miss something?

Any help would be appreciated!


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01 Aug 2003 17:29 #581 by JOEL GIVNER
Replied by JOEL GIVNER on topic 1928 Auburn brakes
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It sounds like the master cylinder is in need of a overhaul. Pressure for the system is first developed in the master cylinder by the movement of the piston/seals through the cylinder bore. If the bore is too large, then the piston seals cannot seal the fluid. The result is limited if any pressure.

The other possibility is blockage within the Master cylinder outlet due to debris, scale, sludge etc.

Check the ID of the master cylinder bore to insure it is within specifications for the piston seals.



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