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female 27cm obitsu.

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13 Jun 2003 17:35 #387 by 31Auburn
female 27cm obitsu. was created by 31Auburn
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13 Jun 2003 21:14 #391 by balinwire
Replied by balinwire on topic female 27cm obitsu.
I have the same problem in a 39 GMC and it is fuel in the line that has turned to varnish after it has dried out and old. It is clogged and there is no suction to the fuel pump. Try fitting a rubber hose and some fittings to a outboard motor gas tank and see if the pump will pick up fuel. Maybe the cap is not venting also.

yours truly, balin'

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13 Jun 2003 21:53 #393 by PushnFords
Replied by PushnFords on topic female 27cm obitsu.
Well, you're not getting gas.....the glass jar should be full. One way to always check is to disconnect the line in front of the fuel pump and empty it into a jar. In 30 seconds you should get somewhere close to 12 ounces.

I'd start by checking the line from the carb to the fuel pump. Make sure any filters are clear (blow through them or replace) and make sure the line is clear. If you blow through the lines to check, make sure to blow in the direction of fuel flow. Otherwise you can dislodge a obstruction only to have it replug later. Either use your lungs or a air hose turned way down. Once that line is checked out hook it back to your pump and run a line from your pump to a jug of gas. See if it'll run then. If not, your pump is still bad. If it works ok, try to disconnect the line from the tank and hook everything else back up. Then run a hose from where you unhooked it at the tank to a jug and see what happens then. If you still aren't getting gas then check your pickup out close.

In any of these sections you may have a hole small enough to suck air out of, but it may not leak gas out so you can see it. Just tackle one section at a time and you should be fine.


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13 Jun 2003 23:49 #394 by rfloch
Replied by rfloch on topic female 27cm obitsu.
After the fuel pump was rebuilt, did you check the fuel pressure you're getting? It should be at around 1.5-3 psi. You can get an inexpensive fuel pressure gauge at Sears or many other places. Handy for checking the vacuum pressure too. In a pinch you can use vacuum pressure to get a rough sense of ignition timing at idle as well. (Advance at idle until peak vacuum is reached and then back off distributor about 1"). Not an accurate way to set the timing but it will get you by until you can get to a timing light.

Richard Floch

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