Twenty Grand II going to auction in January

15 Nov 2011 17:00 #21440 by alsancle
alsancle replied the topic:

20GrandII wrote: Yeah, the tires are Bedford 7.50-18's because that's what was on the car when we bought it. The body-color spare tire side panels also came with the car and I did get the tire bands from the Indiana CCCA. They do appear a little wide though, and I had to put 6.50-18's on the spare rims or there would be a gap between the two.

Car looks great. It's the 18 inch wheels that make it look a bit "off" but there isn't much you can do about that.

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15 Nov 2011 17:51 #21442 by johnmereness
johnmereness replied the topic:
I would then say then "more of an optical allusion created by the 18" wheel verses a 19" rim. A 7:50 tire is a bunch of bulk and generally speaking tire width and covers will be the death of many ACD, AACA, CCCA member - I have been there myself on many an occassion as I love tire covers and a narrower tire is often the only solution (oh yeah, it is compounded by lots of pretty paint and chrome, not to mention weight of wheel and tires).


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