Suggestion for Auburn 2009 regarding 2nd Generation Cars.

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24 Mar 2009 01:31 #13014 by jhcarlady
It totally depends on your definition.

My definition is as follows:
A replicar is a car that is made to look like the original, and may have some of the original components, however it does not have the original drive train or chassis.

A re-bodied car is an original car drive train, that has a different or largely modified body on it or an original body that has a different or largely modified drive train under it.

An original car, has the original chassis and the original body in an unaltered state.

These definitions leave all sorts of grey areas...Is it still original if it has fiberglass fenders? etc. How much of it has to be original before it's re-bodied? It is pretty clear it's a replicar if there is a modern engine and fiberglass body. Where it gets muddy is the variation between a re-bodied and original car.

This just my opinion and your definition could be entirely different. I think you will find that the cars that sell for the most money are the ones that have a History behind them, that are documented original.

Joan Huffman

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