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New Cord 8/10 owner

03 Feb 2008 20:09 #9403 by gbenn2
New Cord 8/10 owner was created by gbenn2
Just purchased my first Cord 8/10 #7. I can hardly wait for it to arrive. Up until recently I did not know that this car even existed. I was familiar with the SAMCO Cord but didn't have an interest in them mainly because they were rear wheel drive. The original Cord's are simply out of my affordability range, but I've always been fascinated with them. I'm a Tbird guy by nature & own three 'birds, but now I have something new to fall in love with. Ford always said that the Thunderbird was "Unique in all the World", but I think that I have just found 'the Unique among the Unique'! I've been doing some research & have had the opportunity to talk with Felix DeGeyter and the more I learn, the more excited I become in knowing that I have become an owner of a legendary automobile. As time goes on, I hope to be able to gain some wisdom from all you veteran owners & I look forward to getting to know you.

8/10 #7
Greg Bennett
St. Augustine, FL

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  • mikespeed35
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  • ACD Club Life Member
04 Feb 2008 03:57 #9408 by mikespeed35
Replied by mikespeed35 on topic New Cord 8/10 owner
Glad to have you on the forum Greg. Why don't you join the ACD Club and come to the Florida Citrus Meet Feb. 29 through Mar. 2 in Ocala. Would love to meet you and see your car. I too own a small Bird.
CORDially Mike

Mike Huffman

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04 Feb 2008 15:47 #9414 by JOEL GIVNER
Replied by JOEL GIVNER on topic New Cord 8/10 owner
hey Mike,

From what I have been told from the regular Cord guys, not the L29 owners, the "bird" isnt the only "small" item you have.


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  • Greg Frownfelter
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  • ACD Club Member
05 Feb 2008 03:41 #9421 by Greg Frownfelter
Replied by Greg Frownfelter on topic New Cord 8/10 owner
congrats on your new toy i hope you enjoy it
i also own a prey body car and having alot of fun with it
over 2000 miles in 07
the auburn warmup meet is in late june would love to have you
with or without the car. the mini meets are a good place to meet people and kick tires
keep us in mind during your spring plans

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