Duesenbergs in Argentina

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alsancle wrote: As with all auction buying you really need to know what you are doing before you show up and bid. I have some warm personal memories of this car and I think the history is really cool, but perhaps not all buyers would feel the same way. Will be interesting to see how it does. I hope the Mormon Meteor style blower is still on the car.


100% agreement with your thoughts.

Regarding to the B.J.-announcement photos, it looks (to me) that it would be the "original" two-carb blower "on board". But I am not an expert...

Here is the link to the B.-J. photos http://www.barrett-jackson.com/applicat ... 48&aid=525

Robbie Marenzi mentioned that the original "shortened" chassis was replaced by chassis 2606, if I got it right, that chassis originally depended to a J(N?) Rollston Convertible Sedan (J-581).

At the Curtright-website that car (J-581) is stated as "destroyed" with a questionmark. Does anyone knows what happened to that car? Accident, fire or wrecking?




B.J. stated the car as sold for a price of $1.43 million (incl. buyers premium)



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