Front Brake Adjustments

24 Dec 2016 03:45 - 24 Dec 2016 03:47 #32099 by Mike Dube
Mike Dube replied the topic: Front Brake Adjustments
Gentleman, it was anchor pin clearance I was thinking about, not shoe to drum clearance. It has been a while. I have it scanned, but nothing jumps out at me here as to how to share it to this thread.
Auburn 1932 Service Bulletin # 24, refers to 1931 Bulletin (6 pages on brakes) then states:
"Essential changes for best result are: Set all anchor pin clearances to 1/16” (one sixteenth inch).
Adjust brake shoes for equalization by giving the same drag on all four wheels (this drag should be fairly heavy), after this has been done, again set the left front anchor pin clearance to 1/64” (one-sixty forth inch) by lengthening the left front brake rod.”
After this it mentions that proper adjustment of the kick shackle (1932 & up) is important for best riding & brake operation.

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